Youth & Children's Ministry

Youth Ministry During Covid-19 lockdown.

Unfortunately at the moment we are unable to meet up as a group outside or in our church building because of Covid restrictions so we will continue to  meet online on Sunday afternoon and evenings for games, prayers and bible stuff. If you would like to join us please email the Church office with your contact details – either the email or mobile number of an adult who is responsible for you and we will forward relevant information to you. 

Autumn 2020

Our children and young people up to age 13 are meeting online on Sundays from 4.30pm for about 40 minutes. Our secondary pupils (age 11 upwards) are meeting online on Sundays from 6.30pm. We also join in with the Birmingham district Youth Services - you can watch these here

Bringing the light of God into Halloween

We had fun on zoom on Sunday 25th October pumpkin carving messages of hope and light rather than scary images. Have a look at some of our efforts:-

Adventuring with God at Home

In July the younger members of our church family with the adventures of Noah. We are now picking up this series starting in september with Moses.

Sunday 13th September 2020: Baby Moses. Click here to see a video of how to make baby Moses and a basket from paper handkerchiefs.

Sunday 20th September 2020: Moses and the burning bush. Click here for a template to make a picture of Moses

and the burning bush 

Sunday 4th October 2020. Moses goes to Pharoah to ask him to set slaves free. Click here to watch video on how to make a simpe paper pyramid then click here to have some fun decorating it with Egyptian heiroglyphics.

Sunday 11th October 2020. Moses goes back to Pharoah and tries again to get him to set the Hebrew slaves free. God sends 10 different plagues to help convince Pharoah. Pharoah keeps saying they can go and then changes his mind until the final plague kills all Egyptian first born sons and animals and Pharoah finally agrees to let them go. But will he keep his word? come back next week to find out.

3 different videos of the story to watch: plagues animation Minecraft

Click here for some plague puzzles and activities

Click here for a word search of the plagues

How to make a very simple origami frog:

Sunday 18th October2020. 

Crossing the red sea - Today we looked a map of how far Moses and the Israelites travelled after Pharoah let them go and how God guided them with pillars of flame and cloud. We made pillars of flame and cloud from rolled up paper with red tissue paper in the top of one and white tissue in the top of the other. We then folded a piece of blue paper into 3 and stuck brown paper into the central piece so we could use our lego fgures to act out the story of God helping the Israelites cross the Red Sea to escape the Egyptians when Pharoah changed his mind about letting them go.

But God had a plan - watch these videos to learn about God's plan 


Click here for a hidden object puzzle of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea.




3Generate is the Children and Youth Assembly of the Methodist Church in Britain. Children and young people in Methodism have their own elected youth president and representatives who listen and represent their views in the wider church. Usually 3Generate meets for an exciting weekend in the autumn each year however this year this is not possible so the event has changed to run throughout the year as 3Gen365. We hope that with our young people, we will be able to be involved with this throughout the year.

To find out more about 3Gen365 please click here.

Sundays at Lichfield Methodist Church (pre Covid):-

Trailblazers is our name for the children’s work at LMC on Sunday mornings.

We have 2 groups which meet at 10.30am - 11.45am.

  1. ighthouse is for children aged 0 – 9 years

It is a Bible based activity session for families. Activities include: - painting, craft, playdough, drama, stories and films, games and creative worship for all ages running alongside our morning service each Sunday. Families are welcome to come along and join in for as much of the session as they are able. There are refreshments available during the session, and opportunities for conversation, reflection and joining in with available activities. This group (similar to Messy Church) is suitable for those who are new to church, those who enjoy active worship or just want to find out a little more about Christianity. An adult is asked to stay either in the session with their child or in the church service next door. On the 3rd Sunday of each month families are included in the morning service for all ages together.

  1. Young people’ s group for young people aged 10 – 18 years.

This session takes place within the morning 10.30am service. The young people join in the all age beginning of the service and then leave for their own group at a suitable time. Activities include discussion, games and creative ways to worship.

Participate (1st and 3rd Sundays of each month at 5.30 – 6.45pm)

This is a non-denominational group open to any young person aged between 8 and 13 years of age. We play games, watch films, discuss and enjoy creative activities together as we explore and develop our faith.

At 6.30pm we share a meal together to which the youth fellowship are invited, and the 2 groups meet and get to know each other .

Youth Fellowship (YF) (every Sunday evening at 6.45pm – 8.15pm)

This is a non-denominational group for young people from Year 7 upwards. Young people are welcome to attend both Participate and Youth Fellowship or choose to belong to YF alone. YF is a community of young people who meet to have fun, share their faith and support each other. Their programme is designed by the members and it can include going out to other events for Christian young people and taking part in social activities as well as discussion and games etc.

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